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March 7, 2022
CONTACT: Megan Peiffer

WASHINGTON, DCState Business Executives (SBE) and America Succeeds today announced a new partnership that not only recognizes the value of Durable Skills but will focus employers on the demand-side of the talent pipeline into broader actions. Through this partnership, students, employers, and communities will benefit from better preparing today’s learners with skillsets that help build a more inclusive, accessible talent pipleline in the future. SBE and our member companies have long valued closer alignment and partnership with the supply-side of the talent equation and partnering with America Succeeds will help advance one of our key workstream pillars and focus for our executives.

“State Business Executives is excited to launch this new partnership with America Succeeds. America Succeeds is a positive and successful voice for business and education reform. Their work around durable skills is highly impactful and beneficial to both education and training providers, as well as the business community. We remain fully committed to supporting quality education and preparing all workers to enter the workforce in a competitive economy.” Justin Yancy, SBE Board Chair and President of Texas Business Leadership Council

“A partnership with State Business Executives underscores the breadth of Durable Skills support from industry leaders across the country from tech to agriculture, to healthcare, and beyond. Durable Skills – like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and leadership – are in demand regardless of sector, educational attainment level, or geography. Expanding access to Durable Skills education and training opportunities can help ensure a more inclusive group of learners ultimately thrive in their careers.“ Tim Taylor, Co-Founder and President of America Succeeds


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