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October 28, 2021
CONTACT: Megan Peiffer

WASHINGTON, DC – State Business Executives (SBE) issued the following in strong support of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

“On behalf of our Board of Directors, State Business Executives strongly supports Speaker Pelosi’s call for a stand-alone vote on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Infrastructure investment has historically been a great model for bipartisanship in Washington, and we urge full congressional support for this bill. Critical investments in our nation’s infrastructure are long-overdue and will not only provide significant investment in states and communities but increase the ability of business to move goods efficiently and safely throughout the system. Communities will be safer; families and workers will retain necessary income that is gobbled up by potholes, unnecessary repairs and inefficiencies; and we will increase our overall competitiveness. Our Board is committed to working with this administration and congressional leadership, along with the numerous coalitions and organizations who have been tirelessly supporting infrastructure investment for years.” Jeff Wasden, SBE President & CEO.

“For minority owned and led small businesses in California, the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is an economic lifeline. Of all the investment areas in this package – improved broadband connectivity, roads, bridges, railroads, and ports – it is broadband that truly connects us, lowers barriers to entry, and creates opportunity for all. We need this package now more than ever.” Pat Fong Kushida, President & CEO of the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce and SBE Board Member.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce Federation and our members throughout the country, consider it imperative to get this legislation passed. The Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act will strengthen our infrastructure such as water, communications, roads, and highways which are vastly needed, especially in underserved communities. Job creation is crucial. Growth in this area will not only continue to strengthen our economy and maintain our global advantage, it will also provide a substantial amount of jobs as many Americans are going through challenging times. As we make this investment, we must also make sure the opportunities are shared within the African-American business community. We join many others in encouraging Washington to get this done on behalf of the people of this country without delay.” National Black Chamber of Commerce Chairman Larry D. Ivory and Charles DeBow, National Black Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and SBE Board Member


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