Board Members

Megan K. Peiffer, J.D.

SBE National Director of Strategic Initiatives

Megan K. Peiffer, J.D. comes with over 16 years of federal and state public policy experience in government affairs and public affairs, business development, nonprofit fundraising, as well as program development and implementation.

Prior to joining SBE, Megan served as the Director of the Global Trade Activator Program at World Trade Center Denver and prior to that, as the Director of Workforce & Immigration Policy at the Colorado Business Roundtable. Megan has also lobbied at the federal and state level, including in Iowa, as well as managed complex client accounts in the development and execution of national multifaceted issue advocacy campaigns on behalf of Fortune 50 corporations, and national trade associations, and organizations.

In addition, Megan is an experienced attorney with corporate counsel experience providing a wide range of legal advice including monitoring legal and regulatory changes and providing guidance on the impact of member operations.

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Benefits of Joining SBE Network

  1. Access to key decision-makers and thought leaders from leading state business executives
  2. Business education and awareness, as well as access to the most up-to-date information for coalition members
  3. A platform to share views, economic and political barriers, or lend support or opposition to legislation: