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State Business Executives (SBE) is a national organization comprised of a cross-section of diverse, accomplished, and influential state business executives who are leading top companies, chambers, trade associations and state roundtables that drive aggressive policy agendas and are universally viewed as the premier business leaders in their state. SBE has a unique ability to collaborate more succinctly and strategically across multiple states with other leading executives, and to build out a shared learning and collaborative agenda. By uniting leading executives across states and industries, SBE brings incredible reach, connections and expertise for effective advocacy, education, and awareness on key issues to maintain our competitive global advantages, and promote success for American businesses, workers, and communities.

The changing workforce, pandemic, social inequities, as well as extreme economic interruptions and job displacement, has further exasperated the demand to work together, align, and create force multipliers for systemic change. There has always been significant dialog around crystallizing greater interaction, communications, and collaboration between state organizations and business executives across state lines and industries. This high-level sustained cross-section engagement is paramount to addressing many of our Nation’s challenges.

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Our Mission

SBE through advocacy, education, and collaboration works to proactively support and develop non-partisan solutions that promote success for American businesses, workers, and communities. We convene state business leaders to foster, cultivate and sustain an optimal business climate, drive business prosperity, and advance a strong national economy.

What We Do

SBE serves as a national organization linking executives running state trade associations, chambers, nonprofits, and business roundtable organizations; directly supporting leaders, coalescing the collective voice of business across states; developing a shared agenda; convening and communicating locally, regionally, and nationally; and, amplifying six common policy pillars through advocacy, education and awareness initiatives.







Racial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Racial Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion



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