State Business Executives is dedicated to promoting high-quality education for everyone from pre-K through higher education. 

The U.S. education system is the direct pipeline to our future workforce and is imperative to our country’s ability to attract and retain top companies across all industries. The goal of our education system is to prepare the youth with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the future workforce and in life. However, our economy looks vastly different than it did even 20 years ago and continuing down the same traditional pathway and approach to education is not equipping our youth with the skills necessary and in demand among leading U.S. industries. 

To ensure America’s workforce is prepared for the jobs of the future, State Business Executives supports modernizing U.S. policies to increase access to high quality, affordable education and strengthen our education and training pipelines, so America’s youth can secure fulfilling jobs and sustainable career paths.

State Business Executives also promotes and assists business leaders investing in today’s youth through program development and partnerships to equip students with the education, skills, and training for our future workforce.

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State of Higher education Report

February 28, 2024
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