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Convening state leaders to positively impact business

State Business Overview

State business executives (SBE) are leading, powerful, and effective voices for business. These executives lead powerful chambers, trade associations, and state roundtables that drive aggressive policy agendas and are universally viewed as the premier business organizations within the states. These organizations are led by a unique set of executives who promote and champion industry, as good policy that allows business to grow, compete, and thrive.

Many of these organizations work closely with Governors and state agencies, state legislatures, and other private organizations to effect positive change in their states. SBE use various reports, position statements, policy letters, issue advocacy, and public relations, to keep state leaders and policy makers apprised of key business topics and make critical recommendations for enhancing state policies and programs.

Through coalescing the unique voice of business across their states, SBE bring expertise, data and research, financial resources and proven, effective advocacy voice to state government leaders to drive meaningful policy change, pro-business legislation and proper balance of regulatory oversight. More often than not, SBE are considered the central go-to leaders within the states that policy makers can turn to centrally access the corporate voice.

Many SBE operate within their organizational structures and silos, and while there is significant overlap in policy priorities, most have different membership structures, dues, and governance models. SBE may have an affiliation with US Chamber, national Business Roundtable (BRT), or other national umbrella organization.

State Business Executives are a unique group that have incredible reach, connections, and leadership skills. The ability for SBE to collaborate more succinctly and strategically across multiple states with other leading executives, and to build out a shared learning and collaborative agenda.

Strategic Opportunity for State Business Executives.

Over the past several years, there has been significant dialog around crystallizing greater interaction, communications, and collaboration between state organizations and executives. The pandemic, social inequities, and extreme economic and job interruptions have further exasperated the demand to work together, align, and create force multipliers for systemic change.

One of the important opportunities business executives look for is working together with peers to foster, develop, and build critical relationships, collegiality, and working bonds. Aligning mutual efforts with trusted working relationships allow these high-profile leaders to learn from, and confide in, share, and augment and build on the work of their colleagues.

State Business Executives'

Mission and Vision

State Business Roundtable Executives (SBE) will serve as a national organization linking executives running state trade associations, chambers, nonprofits, and business roundtable organizations; directly supporting leaders, coalescing the collective voice of business across states; developing a shared agenda; amplifying common policy priorities; convening and communicating locally, regionally, and nationally.

Having the State Business Executives speak with a collective voice and leverage scale to influence policy could have significant and measurable impacts. The excitement of having a unified, powerful organization that can help coordinate convenings, policy initiatives, communication, and conduct research is palpable. Further SBE would foster a central hub that is both funded and formalized, allowing resources to flow to states to support activities that previously were self-funded or worse yet, not funded at all.

SBE will create meaningful, strategic opportunities for executives to collaborate, share, learn from, and piggyback on the work of their colleagues. SBE will play a key role in fostering partnerships, mentoring opportunities, speaking, and collaborating activities.

Utilizing the leadership of a recognized and respected Board to amplify the message and provide strategic voice and leadership will be an integral component for SBE. The Board Chair will lead identified state executives on an executive committee to provide thought leadership, vision, and direction for the Executive Director and key strategic initiatives. The relationship with outside organizations will be strengthened from a stronger, more powerful unified voice they can work through that can more effectively engage and unify the collective roundtables.

SBE will provide a broader, collaborative, strategic roadmap for expanded impact by:
  • Increasing support, visibility, and engagement under a national organization
  • Creating an executive advisory board comprised of leading business executives.
  • Generating committed and contributing strategic partner organizations to help support SBE strategic initiatives and legislative priorities.
  • Developing a cadre of world class resources, speakers, and organizations to support policy initiatives and various activities.
  • Surveying state organizations to determine how SBE will support, enhance, and magnify efforts 
  • Enhancing business and private sector engagement, along with strategic partnerships around identified policy agendas (education, workforce, immigration, diversity and inclusion, sustainability)
  • Developing strategic plan for SBE’s role with national umbrella organizations, US Chamber, BRT, business and foundation funders, policy initiatives, and engagement with SBE
  • Providing resources for state roundtables to collectively plan, implement, and amplify SBE’s strategic initiatives.
  • Creating deliverable outcomes related to financial viability and organizational structure.
  • Expand partnership opportunities, relationship building, and mentoring within SBE peers.

State Business Executives'

Our Goals


SBE will serve as a national organization to provide leadership from state executives on critical policy issues impacting our business climate, economic growth, and


SBE will leverage our collective strengths, our diversity, leadership, reach, and influence to drive pro-business policy and amplify our collective voice.


SBE will identify issues facing state organizations, roundtables, chambers, and nonprofits and  provide leadership, support, and resources to address these business issues.


SBE will promote economic growth by influencing leaders and elected officials.


SBE will collaborate and partner within all areas of A, B, C, G (academia, business, community, and government)


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